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5 Reasons Your Rental Property Needs Its Own Website

We understand, you already get advertised on, VRBO or something similar, so why does your rental property need its own website? Surf on down the page to find the 5 top reasons for managing your own rental property website, and see how easy it can be working with Sidejam to make it happen.

The Top Five Reasons.

#1 Extra Advertising

To succeed in this business, you need the word on the street. There’s no good reason to stop at 1 or 2 channels, you need as many as you can effectively manage—and a website gives your property its own digital brand identity, so it doesn’t just provide an extra channel, it provides a unique channel that isn’t cluttered with a ton of other options to distract your potential renter.

#2 More Direct Bookings: Pocket More of Your Revenue While Decreasing Rental Fees!

We all know the deal: those booking sites are fantastic, until you start looking at the fees they’re raking in on every rental. In this budget-challenged era we’re living in, making your rental property rates more appealing by removing fees makes the bottom line look much better to your potential rental guests...and to you! That’s definitely a win-win.

#3 Reward Your Repeat Guests (And New Ones Too!)

Yes, sites like Airbnb are great for attracting new guests to your rental. But what about repeat customers? If the word has spread and you’ve been crushing it for some time now, chances are a growing portion of your business is from guests who have rented from you before. Imagine how happy they’ll be with a more direct route to the property they’ve grown to love, that allows them to skip the fees that those other sites tack on! And even if your business isn’t repeat, your more tech-savvy guests will look around to try to find a route that takes them around the booking sites so they can save on fees.

#4 Prove Your Credibility (And Reduce Competition)

It’s a tough market. Consumer skepticism is at an all-time high, and there are so many options for them to consider. Maintaining your own website will not only make your property stand out, it will make your brand look more established and trustworthy at the same time. And not for nothing, but when you’re listed through a site like VRBO or Airbnb, your potential rental guests aren’t just looking at your property, they’re looking at a myriad of competitors who are vying for their attention and revenue. Cut through the clutter, reduce your competition and stand out with your own website!

#5 Showcase Your Beautiful Rental — Sidejam Makes It Easy!

Let’s face it—your property rocks. It’s your baby. You’ve invested so much in this place, now it’s time to showcase it. You need to look as appealing as possible to your new and repeat guests, keep your digital brand (and marketing efforts) at the top of their game, beat out your competition, and make renting your property as easy as possible for your guests. And it’s challenging to do all that on your own—so when you find yourself in uncharted territory, it’s helpful to know that someone has your back. In short, you need a partner.

Supported by long-standing strategic relationships with decorated thinkers, marketers, makers and developers, Sidejam is a small agency with big resources, and we’re uniquely positioned to deliver results for your rental property needs at a fraction of what a bigger marketing agency might charge. That’s not cost savings, it’s cost effectiveness. Have an awesome rental property? Let’s get you an awesome website.

Don’t be afraid of rough seas and uncharted waters—face them down with us right at your side. When it gets rough out there, Sidejam empowers rental property owners to Ride Every Wave™.

Flexible Plans That Fit Your Needs.

Self Service Site

Get your rental property online fast with an visually stunning, fully responsive website with lots of places to add property details, images, maps, rates and reviews, with a dynamic online booking request portal that are all super simple to set up and manage yourself. Run into an issue? No problem—our team is here when you have a question.

$750 upfront $75 per month*

Add-On Options

We Make It Easy!

Need help with copywriting or photography, or want your entire site set up and managed by our seasoned marketers to give you that extra edge? Whether you need that one challenging detail handled, or prefer full-service simplicity, we have the solution for you.

Options Include:

  • Professional photography
  • Promotional videos
  • Professional copywriting
  • Initial site setup
  • Email List Capture
  • Ongoing marketing strategy support
  • Full service site management
  • And more!
Prices vary, Contact us for details!

Custom Website

Want to really stand out? Let us build your dream website! Custom designed and coded, complete with user-administrator capbabilities that do not require any Wordpress or HTML knowledge.

Request a quote today!
*All plans includes domain and hosting, setup consultation, site maintenance, and tech support via email to keep your site running perfectly—plus an actual human being to talk to when you need it.

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Our website packages come with absolutely no long term committment, are simple and quick to get rolling, and feature low startup costs and easy monthly payments that work with any budget.

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