Our Core Values

Made For Rough Seas And Uncharted Waters, For A Reason.

The Sidejam team is special because our team’s passion for helping your business (and the success we’ve been blessed with along the way) comes out of our own personal love for two things: God, who gave us our creative talents, and the spirit of American Entrepreneurialism that we see in each one of our clients. For that reason, we invite you to check out our 3 core values listed below.

Our Core Values

Value #1: Jesus Saves.

We aren’t going to beat you over the head with it, but our belief in the God of the Bible and in his Son, Jesus Christ is what drives each of us here. He made each of us, and gave us our creative talents, making everything we do an act of worship and a form of personal expression (i.e. Free Speech). For this reason, we reserve the right to say “no” to any project that contradicts this core value.

Value #2: American Entrepreneurialism.

We exist as an agency in order to empower the American entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in free enterprise, in small business, and in the spirit of fearless innovation and national pride that has always made the USA the best place to launch a business and chase down a dream. For this reason, we prefer working with companies and individuals that have a similar driving force behind them. We want to help you build a business that empowers you and your family, or builds your community, or helps people in need, without empowering organizations or furthering causes that align against those things. If you’re in this for similar reasons, we’ve got your back.

Value #3: Giving Back.

A portion of everything we make goes to charitable organizations that align with our core values. We appreciate your trust in us as your partner, and we want you to know that we use some of what you give us to create opportunities for others, and bless ministries and organizations that make our communities better places to live and help people in tough circumstances. For more information about this, or questions about any of our values, please CONTACT US.

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