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Market Your Brand With Your Own Custom Merch.

Whether you’re just getting started with your own store and need a wide variety of options or just looking for that one perfect item to add to your inventory, Sidejam can supply your needs. All merch is custom designed around your unique brand and can easily be delivered on clothing, drinkware, home goods, stickers and more. This is way better than blocky type and stock graphics, this is about custom artwork that makes your brand shine and appeals to today’s discerning consumers. We can even get you started selling your merch online!

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With our custom merch design, you’re not even limited by your imgination.

Unlike most promotional or branded merchandise providers, we aren’t outsourcing to some provider overseas that doesn’t understand your brand and is limited to printing your logo, some blocky type and stale clipart. We treat merch projects like everything else we do—matching the needs of the client to the expertise of the designer, and we customize everything we do so that it fits your brand, your customer and your price point. Don’t see an example of what you’re looking for below? Ask us and we can probably do it!

Designed and printed in the USA, for a reason.

We believe in supporting our domestic economy, not offshoring manufacturing somewhere else to save a buck. All our blank garments are purchased from local distributors, and we prefer brands that make their goods here at home or at the very least, use US materials and don’t manufacture in countries that hate us. We have always custom designed everything we sell and beginning in 2023 we’ve brought much of our garment printing in-house as well, ensuring that we have as much control as possible over where your money goes. If you have questions about that, check out our core values and feel free to contact us.

Premium Tee Shirts
Awesome Hoodies
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Bags & Totes
Phone Cases
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